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Title: Factors Involved for Designing Teaching Strategies for Large Groups at High School
Author: Ramírez Peredo, Patricia
Advisor/Thesis Advisor: Villalobos González, Liliana María
Keywords: Teaching;Strategy;Learning;Sems
Issue Date: 9-Jul-2012
Publisher: Biblioteca Digital wdg.biblio
Universidad de Guadalajara
Abstract: Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a world without crowds of people. They are present everywhere: in supermarkets, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, resorts, and schools are not the exception. Everyday it is more common to see groups of people working, planning, studying together or simply sharing something important. In consequence, every year the demand for more places to study high school increases. Especially, in Public Institutions, such as the University of Guadalajara which is one of the most prestigious public university in Mexico. There are two hundred twenty one thousand five hundred and twenty six students in total which leads us to think that at high school level groups are formed with more than fifty students, ( There are many reasons to learn English, such as: English is the language spoken in the American continent since 1607. Moreover, in the globalized world, in which we live in, this is the language that is used for making commercial deals; the most modern advances in all the areas like medicine, architecture and others are written in the English language. Therefore, people around the world that use English for communication are around one to two billion of six billion eight hundred and fifty four million one hundred and ninety six thousand of the total global population. In addition, this is the official language in more than sixty countries. Hence, English is a global language because it is used and spoken in all parts of the world, (O’Neal, W., Claxton, S., Ramírez, N. and McGown M, 2003).
URI: Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
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