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Title: Teachers Strategic use of L1 in the FL Class in Secundaria Técnica 142, a Public Secondary School with Unfavorable Socioeconomic Background Students
Author: López Valentín, Etzel
Advisor/Thesis Advisor: Mugford Fowler, Gerrard Edwin
Keywords: Secondary School;Basic Education;Language;Mother Tongue;Second Language;Structuralismbehaviorism;Rationalism And Cognitive Psychology;Constructivism;Factors In The Second Language
Issue Date: 31-Dec-1969
Publisher: Biblioteca Digital wdg.biblio
Universidad de Guadalajara
Abstract: The Present Tesis de Maestría aims to Demostrate that strategic use of the L1 in English language Classrooms is a very useful tool to accelerate the studentslearning process rather tan using the L2 as a médium of instruction. More specifically, the study focuses on the studentsúse of the mother tongue as well as the teachersúse of the mother tongue during the English clases. The Study also supports the idea that students of state secondary schools, in México, with a low socieconomic status can benefit more when using the L1 in a English Language classroom.
URI: Maestría en Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera
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