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Title: del(X)(p22.1)/r(X)(p22.1q28) dynamic mosaicism in a Turner syndrome patient
Case Report
Keywords: turner syndrome;deleted X-chromosome;ring X-chromosome;;dynamic mosaicism
Publisher: ELSEVIER
Description: We report on a 16-year-old patient with Turner syndrome who presented a mos 46,X,del(X)(p22.1)[35]/45,X[19]/46,X,r(X)(p22.1q28) [6] GTG-band karyotype. The R-banding showed that the abnormal X-chromosome was inactive in all 61 cells analyzed. Fluorescence in situ hybridization with a Xp/Yp subtelomeric probe revealed that both abnormal chromosomes lacked the complementary sequences, a fact consistent with a terminal deletion. Besides, the molecular analysis of the human androgen receptor gene showed that the rearranged chromosome was paternal in origin. Since the deleted and the ring chromosomes had the same size and banding pattern, and because the former was the predominant cell line, it was inferred that the Xp– formed a ring in some cells apparently without further loss of genetic material. However, the reverse sequence and even a simultaneous origin due to a complex intrachromosomal exchange are also conceivable. The mild Turner syndrome phenotype is explained by the mosaicism and by the size of the deleted segment.
División de Genética, Centro de Investigación Biomédica de Occidente, IMSS, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.
Other Identifiers: Gutiérrez-Angulo, M., Lazalde, B., Vasquez, A. I., Leal, C., Corral, E., & Rivera, H. (2002). del(X)(p22.1)/r(X)(p22.1q28) dynamic mosaicism in a Turner syndrome patient. Annales de Genetique, 45(1), 17–20.
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