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dc.creatorCarranza Alcántar, María del Rocío-
dc.creatorJiménez Padilla, Alma Azucena-
dc.creatorIslas Torres, Claudia-
dc.identifierCarranza Alcántar, M. del R., Jiménez Padilla, A. A., & Islas Torres, C. (2013). "Training in the use of the technologies and self-learning educational purposes". EDULEARN13 Proceedings, 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona, Spain, 4674-4681.-
dc.descriptionThe fast progress of Technologies of information and communication (ICT’s) will keep on changing the elaboration, acquisition and transmission of knowledge; thus the implementing and promotion of training programs to develop skills and abilities related to the proper use of ICT’s focused on didactic and self learning results imminent. Hence this paper describes the teacher education process that took place in Centro Universitario de Los Altos, de la Universidad de Guadalajara which was implemented after a diagnosis to detect deficiencies resulting in the need to provide teachers and students with solid and pertinent knowledge that reinforce their skills and abilities in the use of pedagogy and self management as well as adjusting teaching techniques to the new virtualization process realities and the importance of educating learners on the proper use of information presented through ICT’s. Therefore a strategy was designed to train a pilot group of 29 teachers and 32 students whom in turn became `duplicators of this education experience to their peers thus ensuring to train 93 teachers and 167 students. Afterwards a new measuring instrument was applied to evaluate the impact of this project which measured if in educational daily practice technologies were applied with pedagogic and learning purposes; such instrument was composed of 12 items that took into account categories of common use of technologies, social nets, moodle platform for teachers; concerning students a revision of what technologies were used, their perception toward technologies used by teachers and the importance they give to ICT’s in their learning process was made, at the end the initial diagnosis and the results from the measuring instrument previously designed were compared highlighting the benefits that this type of training renders on the teaching learning process.-
dc.publisherEDULEARN13 Proceedings, 5th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona, Spain-
dc.subjectteacher education-
dc.titleTraining in the use of the technologies and self-learning educational purposes-
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